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Large Marine Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: Changing States and Sustainability

Sherman, K. and H. R. Skjoldal, eds.


Large Marine Ecosystems Series. Elsevier Science, The Netherlands.449p.


Part I.  North Atlantic teleconnections


Chapter 1

North Atlantic climatic signals and the plankton of the European Continental Shelf - by A. H. Taylor


Chapter 2

Interregional biological responses in the North Atlantic to hydrometeorological forcing - by P. C. Reid and G. Beaugrand


Part II.  Northwest Atlantic large marine ecosystems


Chapter 3

Changes to the large marine ecosystem of the Newfoundland-Labrador Shelf - by J. Rice


Chapter 4

Decadal changes in the Scotian Shelf large marine ecosystem - by K.C.T. Zwanenburg, D. Bowen, A. Bundy, K. Drinkwater, K. Frank, R. O'Boyle, D. Sameoto, and M. Sinclair


Chapter 5

Dynamics of fish larvae, zooplankton, and hydrographical characteristics in the West Greenland large marine ecosystem 1950-1984 - by S. A. Pedersen and J. C. Rice


Chapter 6

The U.S. Northeast Shelf large marine ecosystem:  Zooplankton trends in fish biomass recovery - by K. Sherman, J. Kane, S. Murawski, W.Overholtz, and A. Solow


Part III.  Insular North Atlantic


Chapter 7

Iceland Shelf LME  Decadal assessment and resource sustainability - by O. S. Assthorsson and H. Vilhjálmsson


Chapter 8

Ecological features and recent trends in the physical environment, plankton, fish stocks, and seabirds in the Faroe Shelf ecosystem - by E. Gaard, B.Hansen, B. Olsen, and J. Reinert


Part IV.  Northeast Atlantic


Chapter 9

Zooplankton-fish interactions in the Barents Sea - by P. Dalpadado, B. Bogstad, H. Gjøsœter, S. Mehl, and H. R. Skjoldal


Chapter 10

Dynamics and human impact in the Bay of Biscay:  An ecological perspective - by L. Valdés and A. Lavín


Chapter 11

Iberian sardine fisheries:  Trends and crises - by T. Wyatt and C. Porteiro


Chapter 12

The North Sea large marine ecosystem - by J. M. McGlade


Part V.  Summary and comments


Chapter 13

Changing states of the large marine ecosystems in the North Atlantic:  Summary and comments - by G. Hempel