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Large Marine Ecosystems of the World:  Trends in Exploitation, Protection, and Research

Hempel, G. and K. Sherman, eds.


Large Marine Ecosystem Series. Elsevier Science. The Netherlands.423p.


Part I.  Polar and boreal Sea LMEs


Chapter 1

The Antarctic Weddell Sea - by G. Hubold


Chapter 2

Climate change in the southeastern Bering Sea and some consequences for biota - by J. D. Schumacher, N.A. Bond,  R. D., Brodeur, P. A. Livingston, J. M. Napp and P. J. Stabeno


Chapter 3

Contemporary state and factors of stability of the Barents Sea large marine ecosystem - by G. G. Matishov, V. V. Denisov, S. L. Dzhenyuk


Chapter 4

The Scotian Shelf - by K.C.T. Zwanenburg


Chapter 5

Assessment and sustainability of the U.S. Northeast Shelf ecosystem - by K. Sherman, J. O'Reilly and J. Kane


Chapter 6

The Yellow Sea LME and mitigation action - by Q. Tang


Chapter 7

The Baltic Sea - by B.-O. Jansson


Chapter 8

Overfishing drives a trophic cascade in the Black Sea - by G. M. Daskalov


Part II. Upwelling Current LMEs


Chapter 9

Interannual variability impacts on the California Current large marine ecosystem - by D. Lluch-Belda, D. B. Lluch-Cota and S.E. Lluch-Cota


Chapter 10

Sustainability of the Benguela:  ex Africa semper aliquid novi - by V. Shannon and M. O'Toole


Chapter 11

Decadal environmental and ecological changes in the Canary Current large marine ecosystem and adjacent waters:  Patterns of connections and teleconnection - by C. Roy and P. Cury


Chapter 12

The Humboldt Current:  Trends in exploitation, protection and research - by M. Wolff, C. Wosnitza-Mendo and J. Mendo


Part III. Tropical LMEs


Chapter 13

The Great Barrier Reef:  25 years of management as a large marine ecosystem - by J. Brodie


Chapter 14

Development of fisheries in the Gulf of Thailand large marine ecosystem:  Analysis of an unplanned experiment - by D. Pauly and R. Chuenpagdee


Chapter 15

A review and re-definition of the large marine ecosystems of Brazil - by W. Ekau and B.Knoppers


Part IV.  Mapping Natural Ocean Regions and LMEs


Chapter 16

Mapping fisheries onto marine ecosystems for regional, oceanic and global integrations - by R. Watson, D. Pauly, V. Christensen, R. Froese, A. Longhurst, T. Platt, S. Sathyendranath,  K. Sherman, J. O'Reilly and  P. Celone


Part V. Synopsis


Chapter 17

Synoptical Notes - by G. Hempel