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Frontline Observations on Climate Change and Sustainability of Large Marine Ecosystems


Foreward ii

Yannick Glemarec, Executive Coordinator UNDP-GEF


Introduction iii


Global Environment Facility Strategy for Assessing and Managing Large Marine Ecosystems during Climate Change 1

Andrew C. Hume and Alfred M. Duda


Potential Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Variability on the Resources of the Benguela Current LME 16

Ian Hampton and Nico Willemse


Response of Epipelagic Species to Climate Change In the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem 51

Birane Sambe


Impact of Climate Change in the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem 64

Stephen Maxwell Donkor and Jacques Abe


Climate Change and Variability of the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems in Relation to Socioeconomics and Governance 81

David H. Vousden, James R. Stapley, Magnus A.K. Ngoile, Warwick H.H. Saurer and Lucy E.P. Scott


Climate Change Effects in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem 97

Elayaperumal Vivekanandan, Rudolf Hermes, Chris O’Brien


Sustainability of the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem 112

Rodolfo Serra, Michael Akester, Marilú Bouchón, and Mariano Gutierrez


Gulf of Mexico Large Marine Ecosystem: Resources at Risk from Climate Change 135

Roberto Mendoza-Alfaro and Porfirio Álvarez-Torres


Review of Climate Change Effects in the Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem and Adaptive Actions in Ecosystem Based Management 170

Qisheng Tang and Jianguang Fang


Large Marine Ecosystems at Risk from Acidification during Climate Change 188

James R.D. Oliver, Steve Widdicombe, and Dan Laffoley