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Management of LMEs During Climate Change

This presentation was recorded to extend Dr. Sherman's Göteborg lecture on The Assessment and Management of Large Marine Ecosystems During Climate Change. The Original lecture was requested by the Göteborg Award Committee and was delivered on 18 November, 2010 in Göteborg, Sweden. 56 minutes.

Turning the Tide

The oceans of the earth are under serious threat from the overexploitation of marine life, pollution and the effects of global warming. Turning the Tide examines the condition of the world's large marine ecosystems and presents the solutions being put forth by the international community of scientists, politicians, and those living in the affected areas. Armed with science, political will, and sheer determination, the tide is turning to a brighter future for all. 26:19 minutes.

Africa on the Cutting Edge

The world's coastal regions are in crisis, but there is still time to save them.  On the west coast of Africa, international cooperation has brought forth unprecedented change. Through the diplomatic efforts of the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem Program and Commission, scientists and politicians are working side by side to save the coastal ecosystem of the Guinea Current. 19:00 minutes.
Global Oceans Conference 2008: Sherman

Ken Sherman
Director, NOAA Large Marine Ecosystem Programs
The importance of a healthy ocean and using science for sound policy.
Global Oceans 2008: Vandeweerd

Veerle Vandeweerd
Director, UNDP Environment and Energy Group
The UNDP, the rise of the Global Ocean Forum, and UNDP involvement in the LME process.
Global Oceans Conference 2008: Barbut

Monique Barbut
CEO and Chairperson, GEF
GEF's role in the Large Marine Ecosystem Process.
Global Oceans Conference 2008: Duda

Al Duda
Chairperson, GEF Freshwater to Oceans Working Group
The importance of action and GEF's role in the LME Process.
Global Oceans Conference 2008: O'Toole

Michael O'Toole
Project Manager, Benguela Current LME Program
A description of the BCLME and stresses on the system.
Benguela Current LME Program

The Benguela Current LME Program